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Taking it back to the basics – real basic.


These cupspeakers are the creation of Dmitri Zagga. Reliving your childhood spy games with a paper cup and a long string can now be realized. But I must commend the ingenuity with this creation. Oh and it’s part of the whole iPod accessory thingy.

Product page

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The undeserving review of iPod Nano Gen4


The iPod is the only deserving material that has ever come out of the Apple brand *ducks pot and pans thrown by Apple fans*. Look, there’s a reason why I said this review is undeserving. It’s because it’s coming from me, a certified anti-Apple philistine.

Recently, I made a purchase on the 4th generation iPod Nano because my previous iPod Nano (2nd Gen) had the “white screen of death”. That basically renders my iPod Nano into an iPod shuffle…a $54 dollars rendering that still has me pulling my hair but I digress, i love my current iPod Nano for the simple fact that it is slimmer, with a curvaceous body and holds a lot more space for less than what I paid for (or whoever who paid for me, as it was a gift). I also love the fact that it is in the color I chose, yellow, and that it had a color screen that does more than just look pretty.

The intelligent screen adjusts to how your iPod is tilted and it even shuffles to the next song when you give it a shake. I know, I know, I have fallen for a gimmicky trend that Apple has forever used on its fanbase – make it look pretty, charming and make it useful for the most useless of things: music. Seriously, carrying 3000 song and do you listen to all 3000 of it? Unless you work in an environment where you get paid for listening to music, i doubt you’d even skim the foam of 300 daily. But anyway, anyway, anyway, the new iPod Nano has me in deep…oh fuck you, Apple…why did you have to create something so perfect and yet so useless?????

There is no need to speed up the culture of materialism, isn’t it?

What else? What else?

My yellow iPod Nano has an inscription on the back that says “This [insert sex here; gender, you pervert] sleeps with butterflies”. It makes it all the more endearing when we can customize it.

One gripe though, I find the Genius Bar in the iPod Nano to be demeaning to our intellect. We already have gadgets that help us crack and egg, do we really need a *genius* bar to help us pick our music? Well, maybe for the lazy asses who don’t want to use an iota of brain think this is a good feature. I think it’s Steve Jobs trying to put his paws on our individuality because he’s such a control freak – go figure, his Macs are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO clean and virus free but hell, that’s just mainly because Macs are incompatible with so many programs. When you live in a controlled environment, it means your live in a place where the sort of diseases or viruses are controlled too. So, no Macs are not better than PCs because they live in a sheltered life – it just means they’re virgins – just like how the aliens in the movie War of the Worlds got pwnnedd by airborne bacterias and microorganisms in our air. They were in their little bubble heads and then when it’s out in the real world, they just die from diseases. this is what’s gonna happen when we take Steve Jobs out of the picture…Apple products, might just die.

Now how did I go off tangent from the iPod Nano, now? Okay, it’s a great gadget and worth getting because after all the generations, they’ve come pretty close to perfection on this one.

Apple site.

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Limited Edition Beatle’s iPod


I love the Beatles. I have ALL their albums lined up alphabetically and if I have free time during the weekends I line them up by the year. This is why the limited edition Beatle’s iPod is so tempting. Granted, it is the ONLY Apple product I tolerate (okay, like) I cannot get over the fact, Beatles fan or not, that the whole limited edition combo is worth $795! Nah uh…I might as well stencil their logo on my iPod Nano myself.

Check out Bloomingdale’s for more info.

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The iPod Nano Hoodie

Looks better than that iPhone pink crap below. In fact, I find these iPod hoodies cute even though they do nothing but give your miniature music player some style. No one can actually get too much style, can they?

These cute iPod Nano hoodie/ pull overs are only 9.99Euros (about USD20) each from Gear4 Streetwear hoodies.

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Lego looking MP3 Player

MP3 comes in all forms and sizes these days including a Lego Looking MP3 Player. The only thing we haven’t seen in MP3 form is probably a sex toy that plays your favorite music while you apply some self-love…O_o. Oh wait a minute….we HAVE seen MP3 in forms of a sex toy already: The OhMiBod personal massager for iPod LOL! Well, the iPod itself isn’t the toy, the extension goes with it.

Anyway, the Lego looking MP3 Player without further ado is a plastic product by Homade. It looks exactly like the lego bricks you used to play with as a little kid. It’s cute, I think. It would fit very well in a nursery because no child is growing into a chic and cool teen with a lego block slung on his/her body. A block is $46. Not sure if it includes headphones.


Oh and if you have an iPod, pick up their iPod dock too, Lego style, for $40 bucks.

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SanDisk reinvents to give Nano the boot


SanDisk recently reinvented it’s video/audio players, Sansa View with a higher memory space and at an unbeatable price. The iPod Nano costs $199, comes with an 8 gig space and of course, the brand, Apple as well. But Sansa View does everything that the Nano does except it has twice the capacity with 16 gig and for the same price. You can also add more memory by buying an extra MicroSD/SDHC memory card, which you can easily jack up the space to 24gig.

Well, with this, i conclude that Nano will be ever popular just for its brand name while SanDisk will eventually get a warmer reception for its value.

Read the press release at Gizmodo.

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TRUTH or FALSE: New iPod Nano Picture


The reason why I used Truth or False is because the New iPod Nano Picture is still unofficial. The guys at Gizmodo reported it first (than 3Yen anyway) saying that the fellas at Apple did not confirm of such gadget’s existence yet. So I guess we will have to wait for something official to come out. But looking at the iPod, i seriously think that this new version would be no different from the old iPod Nano except for an upgrade in the graphics.

The current iPod plays pictures too, you know. Unless this new one claim to play videos too.

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Zeppelin iPod Speakers


Bowers&Wilkins must be a great fan of Led Zeppelin to invent a speaker system for the iPod named Zeppelin. Apart from the fact they have invented great quality speaker systems in the past, the Zeppelin is no exception.

Look at the design of this oblong speakers, i cannot help but feel a sense of attraction to it. It’s sexy. Bass for this speaker comes from a 5 inch subwoofer located at the center. The Zeppelin also includes a pebble like remote control for your comfort. You can definitely order this speakers from Apple store in a few months – like in Fall :)

No word on how much it is yet.

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iPod dock – like you have never seen before.


Walk a dock in your dog - the dog in the picture is just for demonstration only. U can strap on a real dog if you want.

I swear when I wrote that subject line. I mean, iPod docks are a dime a dozen, am I right? You can find them just about anywhere with AM/FM/etcetcetc, big or small, sleek or kawaii…Well, this iPod dock is real kawaii.

If you want to walk you dog and share you music with your neighborhood, you can now walk to dock as well. This dog jacket cum iPod dock cum speakers plus leash is the ultimate walk your dock with your dog. This dock in your dog jacket is the creation of two human beings, Wei-Lieh Lee and Kevin O’Callaghan, possibly a lover of dogs and a genius! Who doesn’t want a dock in your dog jacket now?? It’s cute and it plays music. Kudos, guys!

Check out CubeMe for more info.

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18K Gold Plated iPod Shuffle


“My precioussss….my pet…it belongs to us, yessss my precioussssss” *strokes her 18 carat gold plated iPod Shuffle. God…What on earth are these people thinking? They’re making humans into Gollum-like creatures, with long pale arms reaching for the gold plated shuffle, blinded by it’s shiny beauty! And word has it that a diamond studded one is in the making!

One look at this 18K gold plated iPod shuffle, the first question that pops into mind is of course “How much?”. There’s a faint glimmer of hope that it’s not that expensive for us normal laymen. Admit it, you know you did hope even though you know it’s a hopeless wish. Ha-Ha-Ha…

The gold plated iPod costs…well, in the real world, gold plated stuff aren’t really that expensive but some rich (and probably dumb) guy has offered to buy the 18K gold plated for $10,000. Way to hike up the price, Diamond Jim Brady, and for a gold plated piece of MP3 player that doesn’t hold more than 3 albums. Gah…

Read more via BornRich

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