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Environmentally Friendly Idea


I found that you can make your own solar water heater for less that $5 on Gizmodo. And here I am thinking that I should share this with you guys because you never know when you might need this knowledge. The world is already having some issues of its own, we might run of energy someday. Okay, I won’t be re-posting the the know-how here. You can go to Gizmodo’s DIY page and look at how you can make your own.

The thing I find interesting about this is a perfect example that we may not need to consume that much oil or coal. While the invention is simplistic and even the inventor agreed that his solar water heater is only good for camping or for a science experiment, I believe that with enough monetary investment from the right type of people can actually make this work. Think rechargeable batteries via solar power that can last you a while until the next sunshine comes about.

It works just that many won’t do it because they make a lot more money with oil and coal. S.O.Bs!

You can go to the main source here.

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Mini Slot Machine Watch

This is the the Girard-Perregaux Vintage 1945 Jackpot Tourbillon casino watch. It’s filled with mechanical knick knacks that will fill any mechy geek’s heart with warmth and love. Thou shall not accusseth thiseth watch asseth junketh. jackpotwatch.jpg

Frankly, what good is a “watch” that does not tell time? I can understand the whole intrigue in how this slot machine watch works but really, it’s for the antique cupboard only. Not only that, this little mechanical precious will cost a bomb too.

Source: Engadget

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Latest Italian Sports Car


AS the tile suggested, Italian design shop Spadaconcept revealed a new sports concept car. It looks mighty sleek and gorgeous. It’s just a prototype though but it is looking good. The Codatronica is a modern taken on last century’s sports car designs. If you look at it closely, you’ll see a little resemblance to the Chevrolet Corvett.


According to

it’ll be produced in three spec levels, Sport Touring (512 hp) Fast Sport Touring (513 hp – ?) and Sport Super Touring (700 hp, 701 ft-lbs, an estimated top speed of 220 mph and a zero-to-60 time of 2.7 seconds).

Think Ferarris and Bugattis, friends…the Italians make some pretty nice looking, impressive cars. The Codatronica looks almost futuristic, too bad it doesn’t fly yet like how cars should by the year 2000 :P

Source: Jalopnik

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Dacky to the rescue

No it’s not some new superhero from Marvel Comics. It’s just…Dacky, the new robotic dog that looks much closer to a real dog than AiBo. It looks real cute too! I absolutely have to give it that. Dacky has a 6 sensors within its cute little self and can learn up to 650 words. So aside from barking and expressing its cute plastic big eyes, it can also greet you with greetings like “good morning”, “how are you?”, “thank god it’s friday”, etc.



Why are they to the rescue? Well, they are pets, not real pets but they aim to function as one. And research have shown that people with pets come out happier than those who done. So all of you who would like to have a pet but are not willing to commit to picking up no.2’s and all that shenanigans, maybe Dacky’s just for you.

This invention is a Tomy Takara invention. He’s shipping these puppies to the US it seems.

Source: Engadget

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Dr NakaMats Interview

Dr. NakaMats is one kooky person. Born Yoshihiro Nakamatsu, he is the inventor of the floppy disk, fax machine and magnetic strip tickets and apparently holds the world record for the highest number of inventions. But don’t let just that amaze you. He also won an Ig Nobel prize in 2005 for photographing and analysing every meal he’s eaten for the last 35 years. Yes, while he’s made a number of inventions that have changed the world, he’s also created a few outright weird ones. My personal favourites are the PyonPyon flying shoes – a modern day version of seven league boots – that let you bounce high with minimum effort.

Image from

PingMag recently visited Dr NakaMats at his home and laboratory to interview him and find out more about this astonishing man. I highly recommend reading it. You’ll hear plenty of stories of weird people doing weird things in Japan – and Dr. NakaMats is certainly one of them, but he’s also proof that weird people are wonderful, too.

PingMag: Twilight Zone: Dr. NakaMats’ Inventions

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