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Miu’s HDPC


Miu’s HDPC is made from the Atom Processor. It’s so popular right now that Acer’s Atom processor is making headways and is almost gathering a cult following.

Anyway, Miu’s are not known to be pretty but bolty as per it’s previous designs. This current HDPC (Hybrid Dual Portable Computer) actually looks sleek. No news on the price yet although the previous (ugly) model was helmed at $500.

Via Pocketables


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HotSpots no more?

You don’t need those HotSpots anymore if your smartphone has wifi. Then again, what smartphones has no wifi? That phone can automatically turn YOU into a hotspot wherever you go. Yes, people, smartphone owners and tech geeks, your smartphone can be turned into a wifi router!

What you need to make your smartphone a walking hotspot is this: Taproot Systems’ WalkingHotSpot software

You can even go to their site and test the software out for free. Taproot plans to sell this software to carrier and not individuals so while it’ still in its early stages and accessible to all, I guess you try it out because it gets expensive.

North Carolina-based TapRoot Systems today announced its WalkingHotSpot software, designed to effectively turn a Wi-Fi- and mobile broadband-enabled handset into a Wi-Fi router. At launch, WalkingHotSpot will be available only for Windows Mobile or Symbian Series 60 smartphones. TapRoot CEO Bob Bicksler said.

A free demo version will be available for individuals to download from TapRoot’s Web site, Bicksler said. However, the demo will only support one Wi-Fi connection at a time.


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Thanko Charger Bracelet

Thanko’s Charger Bracelet allows up to 4.5hours of extended battery life to your DS/PSP when you’re out. I think every PSP/DS owner should invest in one because imagine being cut off while you’re delivering the final blow of victory to boss of the final level of your game? Pissed off for sure and your day is ruined and your cat’s being a bitch and your chicken dinner tastes like crap and your favorite TV show got hanged from the network and whatever. Just buy the Thanko Charger Bracelet and quit whining.

Via AkihabaraNews.

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Motorola KrZr K1


My cell phone died the other day. It just won’t start up anymore no matter how many times I banged it against the wall… maybe that’s why it won’t start no more, eh? I am kidding about the banging but my Nokia 6600 is almost 4 years old anyway. It didn’t help that I felt quite blue about its demise, the only way to remedy it is to search for a new phone.

The one phone that caught my eye is the Motorola KRZR. I love it’s sleekness, bluish hue and buttons. Of course, the screen is big enough but the one thing that I am a little unsure about are the buttons. Will it be easy for SMS-ing? I love SMS-ing people :P

A lot of reviews out there have said that the Motorola KZRZ is all about the looks but i beg to differ, looks is one thing but as far as I am concern, the phone comes with a nice camera, USB mass storage, bluetooth, all the goodies from it’s predecessor V3x, and more.

You can read its review here…

Will i get the KRZR? I am very very tempted although the latest SLVR is really nice too. Sigh!

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Hitachi Blu-Ray Camcorder

Hitachi’s world’s first Blu-Ray Camcorder is coming out this year. Although we don’t have the details of when exactly yet. The 2nd quarter of the year is almost ending so…maybe end of the year, just in time for Christmas? One can wish :)


All the have is the mock up of the camcorder for now. It looks pretty futuristic in my opinion. It is about time too that the Blu-Ray camcorder comes out. Hitachi’s new 8cm BD/DVD drive bundled with a biggie, 5.3 megapixel CMOS sensor is capable of recording at full 1,920 x 1,080 resolution. That’s pretty much all the info I can gather for now. I will definitely update when we have more specific details about this gadget soon enough!

Read the press release here…

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Yoto MVP-800


China’s known for reproducing products that looks exactly like the original. But of course, functionality of these copies are way below the originals of course. But the Yoto MVP-800 has been getting some pretty good reviews from the peeps at Gizmodo, surprisingly. And I must say that the MVP looks pretty sleek too. It is only 9mm thin and has a 2.8-inch 320×240 screen. It is available in 2Gig and 4Gig capacity. The 2 Gig capacity ones, are only $52 bucks too, and that’s pretty cheap for something of this higher than average quality.

Definitely something to check out….IF it will ever get out of China. This product stays in China only. I thought I’d share with you folks how thin and awesome the Yoto MVP-800 is.

Product Page

Maybe if you have friends from china, you can ask them to help you out here. :)

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DocuPen: Mission Impossible Style


Here’s a pen that looks like an ordinary shick pen but it is in fact also a scanner. This is perhaps the closest thing out in the public consumerism market that’s from a movie set. Really. Remember those spy movies and mission impossible movies where the main character scans a bunch of document using a pen like scanner and once they’re done they just clip it over the breast pockets like it’s just another pen.


This is the DocuPen RC800 Color. I’m going all Wow-ed about it :P

It scans a full page of graphics and text in just 4-6 seconds. Ladies and gentlemen, this is definitely an certified novelty from a scanner the size of a pen. There two versions to this DocuPen, one is the more expensive RC800 at $299 and the other is the RC700 at $99, which is rather affordable for students.

Creator of the DocuPen is by Planon.

Source: PopGadget

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Fujitsu A4 and A5 FLEPia


Fujitsu came up with an electronic paper gadget that allows you to download pictures, books, in a jiff. It comes in two sizes, A4 and A5 and is 128mm thick. What it is, is basically a film strip looking type of paper that contains a substrate-based memory function.

It comes with a 4Gig memory card (SD) to whcih you just need to plug it in and then content will download as quickly as you can thanks to it high speed wireless LAN. There are six function buttons and a scroll key and, once charged, the battery goes for 50 hours. Comes in pink, white and silver – choose your colors.

Now hold your breath, the FLEPia costs $12,685, while A4 one is at $21,137. Unless you REALLY need it, a printer would work great too :P

Source: Gizmodo

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The Sony NW-A800 DAP-PMP


Sony NW-A800 DAP PMP

Another Sony stuff, because they seem to be hot on the conveyor belt these days spouting stuff over and over. In my previous post, they created a new desktop display (which they said they wanted to stop production for good previous), the Sony Luma and now they’ve come up with Sony NW-A800 DAP-PMP, which is like an iPod kind of device. Plays music, plays videos and is a storage system that allows you to store pics, etc. I just wonder if they had a better name for it because that is a mouthful.

Anyhow, this device will be out in Japan soon! It’s already being introduced in Europe. I thought it’s funny since Sony is a Japanese brand, shouldn’t they release it in their home country first?? Oh well, the Sony NW-A800 comes in 5 colors to choose from: black, blue, pink, silver and white.
The player has a capacity of 2, 4 and 8GB and it supports AAC, WMA, MP3 and ATRAC files for audio, and H.264 for video on a 2” screen.

I still don’t know much about it yet. Will probably update you guys on it as soon as i get more info!

Source: AkihabaraNews


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LG KE850 Prada

LG KE850 Prada

When the iPhone first came out to wow everyone, you didn’t think it’d be the end of it, did you? Well, no, you’re right, it’s not the end because words has it LG Prada is making its debut in 3 weeks time. The phone looks like iPhone but it’s no iPhone, let me tell you that. It has a touch screen just like the iPhone but it doesn’t have smartphone capabilities and there’s no QWERTY screen keyboard.


LG Prada – Horizontal

Perhaps the only thing it shares with the iPhone is it’s large touch screen. I wouldn’t compare the quality of the pix that comes out of it yet but I guess we’ll see. The price for the LG Prada is lower than the iPhone, naturally, thus making this phone potentially popular with those who likes the iPhone but can’t really afford spending that money on a phone knowing that those functions won’t be used half the time unless you’re an Apply fanboy like him..:)

The LG Prada is 2.99 oz and 0.47 inches thin. It’s a still a pretty compact phone if you ask me. The two things that will appeal to people are:

1) It looks like an iPhone
2) It’s cheaper than the iPhone x3

The two types of person who will be most likely to buy the LG Prada:
1) People who likes the iPhone look but want a simpler more affordable phone
2) People like Paris Hilton, who thinks Brandedness = AWESOME.


Source: Gizmodo


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