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Taking it back to the basics – real basic.


These cupspeakers are the creation of Dmitri Zagga. Reliving your childhood spy games with a paper cup and a long string can now be realized. But I must commend the ingenuity with this creation. Oh and it’s part of the whole iPod accessory thingy.

Product page

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Onkyo Wireless Headphones


This new wireless headphones from Onkyo is made to be iPod compatible. This sleek and poised headset has a 2.4GHz band is compatible with the iPod Classic, Touch, Nano and Mini. It also includes inputs for other audio devices as so it does not limit itself to just the iPod users.

The Onkyo Wireless headphones is set to release in Japan on Nov 14th for around $200, but there is no word on where it will be released in North America. You could try to order it via eBay should you be lucky enough to find it there – it would make an excellent treat for yourself or as a present.


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Unlocking your Phone with SIMable


SIMable is a thin chip you can use to trick your phone into thinking that it’s been unlocked so that simcards from other countries and other carriers are readable on your phone. I think this is especially useful if you want to unlock your phone because you need to go to a different country or travel a lot or whatever. Actually, you might as well just get an unlocked phone if that’s the case but sometimes we all make mistakes, and our judgment can get clouded by beauty that we forget function (aka like waiting day and night under the rain to buy an iPhone 3G that doesn’t work as well).

Anyway SIMable is here to save you :)

Check out how they use SIMable (on an iPhone): iPhone 3G Cracked

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Apple sued for overselling sub par iPhone 3G

A little bird told me that the iPhone 3G is not exactly performing up to standards with bugs and problems, fixable with only an overhaul. Question is why was Apple sued by iPhone 3G owner, William Gillis? It’s not because it is under performing. I mean it is but there is a deeper problem than that.

At the rate the iPhone is being sold, at sub par standards, Gillis is fed up at the marketing ploy to sell as many iPhone as possible by AT&T is affecting the quality of the iPhones out there because very simply, if focus is on selling then almost zero focus is on maintaining quality. Overproduction =/= quality. There is also talks that the connection for iPhone 3G is bad because it’s been programmed to hog the line to maintain the AT&T signal.

What did I tell you, Apple (and fan base)? Zealousness, and overly so, will get you nowhere. Your marketing ploy for the “everything can be done in the iPhone” is nothing but a ploy because other than your inbuilt GPS system, which I would rather get a TomTom’s anyway, your internet-related functions are mere wastes of space and time. Frankly, I find surfing the net on a phone no matter how “large” the screen is to be silly and unproductive. Everything is so small, typing must be a pain in the ass.

In his 18-page filing, Gillis points out the 3G tower power issue that recently leaked to the public in which an AT&T worker disclosed that current sub-par connections are caused by iPhones sucking too much power for AT&T transmitters to maintain proper 3G signals. Given this knowledge, Gillis feels the iPhone was clearly sold past network capacity creating problems that cascaded to every AT&T 3G users.

Apple Insider via Gizmodo

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Kuma: A teddy bear phone


At first glance, the teddy bear reminded me of the bear toy in A.I. (Artificial Intelligence by Steven Spielberg) who could walk, jump, play and speak. But Kuma is in fact a full size teddy bear phone. To use it, you need to pick the teddy bear up and put it’s snout near to your ear as if it is whispering to you. Cute?

I think the bear is rather cute but because it is a phone, it would be rather odd to see a grown person holding a bear to their ears on the streets. It would be fine if it was a kid of 4 to 12 years old because as soon as they reach 13, the bear would be a bane of their existence.

Kuma was a hit at the 2008 Good Design Expo. Quite ironic since it is a design of that is not affordable (not $$ but in function). It is too big to be carried around unless you want to lug it around like a child. But if that is your cup of tea, why not?

The phone bear is priced at $500 each and that can save up to four speed dial numbers.

Company who made Kuma Bear: Willcom


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Cowon’s curved PMP is not aS9ine

aS9ine, get it? As in asinine? There is nothing asinine about this little sexy beast of a PMP. The curve back lets you handle it with ease, I suppose. Or entertain you while you’re waiting for someone by letting you use it as a fidget gadget. In all seriousness, the S9 Curve is a hulk on it’s own despite it’s sleek and sexy exterior. Sexiness is functionality, just like Daniel Craig is sexy with his unconventionally primal good looks ;)


The S9 Curve has a 3.3-inch AMOLED touchscreen, capable of 16 million colors, a powerful-seeming 500 MHz CPU, T-DMB, Bluetooth connectivity, media player functions and an electronic dictionary app. It can also go on and on all day and all night for up to 40 hours per charge. While the S9 Curve is a new product from Cowon and the info you read here are just their teaser before the IFA show, there is no price or release date set yet.

Via Gizmodo

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KDDI ply phones

This new concept phone by KDDI is mind bogglingly uber cool. The phone simulates ply concept where each layer is stuck together to create bigger things like a cupboard. But this phone is not a cupboard mind you, each ply does make one phone but each ply stands for individual functionality; each layer has its own very distinct function, ranging from a photo printer to game controller to mini digital projector.

If you want to check out PLY, run down to KDDI Studios at Harajuku. I will SO get me one of those when and if it ever comes out into the market. Guys at KDDI, if you want someone to check out PLY and do a review, send one over this alley…;) I’ll do it justice!

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iPhone 3G unlocked 4 days down the road

My friend told me that she is completely enamored by the iPhone 3G for reasons of cuteness. I didn’t exactly know how to react because cuteness did not cross my mind whenever I think of the iPhone. I’ve always thought of it as an overrated piece of metal, that many business people use as their PDA. I mean, get a REAL PDA for god’s sake. Get a Blackberry.

Anyway, my friend lives in Malaysia so she would need to get an unlocked version of the iPhone because Malaysia do not have an AT&T service or agreement whatsoever, yet. And I got wind that iPhone 3G can be unlocked like it’s predecessor by using a card/sim adapter to piggyback your simcard to trick the phone into thinking that it is an acceptable sim card.

As you can see, it works just fine with that sim adapter. You know, I really think that iPhone should just allow everyone in the world to use their phone. The Chinese are gonna hack it anyway, or reproduce an iPhone that is not AT&T selective. More people would buy the iPhone and maybe I’ll change my views a bit about Apply being a real elitist.

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iPhone 3G: Everybody wants one

The first person in the world who got the iPhone 3G was a guy in New Zealand. His name is Jonny Gladwell and he’s first at the Apple store: Proof from Giz:

Being this proud about being the first in the world to buy an Apple iPhone 3G is no different from being first at owning the new self-washing toilet. Flushhh….

Gadgets come and gadgets go, 6 months from now someone else is going to top the Apple 3G. For those who are in the dark, 3G isn’t exactly a new technology, plenty of mobile phones have adorn this function waaaaay long before the Apple iPhone ever did. “Ohh…touch screen, ooh! and it has 3G *flocks around it like flies to waste*”. What’s so lucky about this bastard?

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A message from John Mayer

Look, understandably, John Mayer is an American singer/songwriter. But the guy speaks Japanese – or a smatter of Japanese, alright? And not to mention, he is learning japanese and has even dedicated a line to his ex-gf, Jessica “bimbo” Simpson.

Video proof after the jump…

John Mayer has a message for you though, on how to use the Blueberry because he uses them himself. And for those of you who didn’t already know, during the launch of the Apple music maker for the iMac, John Mayer strummed his guitar for a little show and tell by Steve Jobs. I love John Mayer, I have his albums all lined up in my player, i have his pictures, i went to his concert and I even got my brother his guitar pick (my brother is also a fan and plays the guitar) but I will love him even more if he wasn’t such a sellout to Apple. Puh. But anyway, below is a message from the main man himself a little tip about the BlackBerry’s usefulness.

Hey guys. John Mayer here. You might have noticed I didn’t sing at the iPhone 3G launch. That probably disappointed you, since people like to hear the songs that I write, which is why I’m going on tour. So you can hear my songs. BlackBerry is sponsoring it, since I really like the Bold. Because when I’m not calling two people at once or writing songs for you to hear, I write emails. Sometimes they’re to myself with song ideas, for my songs. So, I have some BlackBerry tips for you.

Each song idea gets its own note in the notepad. And you can make my voice, singing a song that I wrote, your ringtone. I carry a spare SIM card with a brand new number in my wallet, in case one of the two supermodels I banged the night before tries to call me the next day. I hope that helps, I’ll see you on tour

Blackberry Tour

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