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iPhone 3G unlocked 4 days down the road

My friend told me that she is completely enamored by the iPhone 3G for reasons of cuteness. I didn’t exactly know how to react because cuteness did not cross my mind whenever I think of the iPhone. I’ve always thought of it as an overrated piece of metal, that many business people use as their PDA. I mean, get a REAL PDA for god’s sake. Get a Blackberry.

Anyway, my friend lives in Malaysia so she would need to get an unlocked version of the iPhone because Malaysia do not have an AT&T service or agreement whatsoever, yet. And I got wind that iPhone 3G can be unlocked like it’s predecessor by using a card/sim adapter to piggyback your simcard to trick the phone into thinking that it is an acceptable sim card.

As you can see, it works just fine with that sim adapter. You know, I really think that iPhone should just allow everyone in the world to use their phone. The Chinese are gonna hack it anyway, or reproduce an iPhone that is not AT&T selective. More people would buy the iPhone and maybe I’ll change my views a bit about Apply being a real elitist.

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The iPhone 3G is plagued

Like the Bubonic plague, the iPhone 3G has some pretty intense issues that would get new iPhone 3G owners stomping their foot and wanting to claw the eyeballs out an Apple staff. Lines after lines of people awaited their turn, like the slow death of the Bubonic affliction, to try to get their iPhone activated. AT&T have acknowledged that there is an issue with syncing their iPhone to iTunes and a multi-folds of issues that any well respected, well tested gadget should not face. When the iPhone was released last year, it had the same issues surfaced as well. Ironic?

Apple’s iPhone 3G launch has become a stressful day of failed activations, mirroring activation issues during the original iPhone launch last year, accounts indicate. The 2007 launch saw AT&T servers go down in a flood of activations; this year AT&T says that there has been a global problem with Apple’s iTunes servers that prevents phones from being fully activated in-store, as had been planned. Customers have been told to finish activating their phones at home, but have faced the same problems there, according to Associated Press reports. While both Apple and AT&T are signing up users for AT&T service, neither company is able to complete activation in-store and both are asking customers to finish their activation at home; unfortunately, until the final iTunes activation, the iPhones are not able to make/receive calls.

“It’s such grief and aggravation,” says Frederick Smalls, an insurance broker in Whitman, Massachusetts, who spent two hours on the phone with Apple and AT&T while trying to get his new iPhone to work.

“On the iTunes front, yes, we see intermittent issues there still,” admits an AT&T representative. “We are suggesting to our customers that, after purchasing their new iPhone and voice and data plan, they synch the device later at home while Apple works hard to resolve the iTunes issues.”

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iPhone 3G: Everybody wants one

The first person in the world who got the iPhone 3G was a guy in New Zealand. His name is Jonny Gladwell and he’s first at the Apple store: Proof from Giz:

Being this proud about being the first in the world to buy an Apple iPhone 3G is no different from being first at owning the new self-washing toilet. Flushhh….

Gadgets come and gadgets go, 6 months from now someone else is going to top the Apple 3G. For those who are in the dark, 3G isn’t exactly a new technology, plenty of mobile phones have adorn this function waaaaay long before the Apple iPhone ever did. “Ohh…touch screen, ooh! and it has 3G *flocks around it like flies to waste*”. What’s so lucky about this bastard?

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